Pursuit Goes to the Movies

Ever notice that the difference between a Guy movie and a Chick Flick has to do with pursuit?In a chick flick the guy pursues, provides, and protects.  He quite often does this romantically; flowers, chocolates, love-songs, etc.  In a Guy movie the guy goes out and conquers the world and then returns and proudly waits for the girls to shower him with applause or swoon at his feet.Still other movies are blockbusters because they show a team effort between the sexes. Pursuit, provision and protection are all two way streets.  I think the Fellowship of the Ring series from a few years back was a good example of team effort.  Every character had a role and destiny to fulfill and there existed a good deal of traffic on the two way street of pursuit, provision and protection.

Pursuit, Protection, Provision

Think about it for a moment.  These three things are present in one way or another in love relationships.  When any one of them is missing; the relationship limps and becomes deformed.  Pursuit, Protection, and Provision may manifest in many forms; but, always they exist and must be reciprocated for relationship to continue in health.

At the philosophical or spiritual level: God pursues (initiates), protects and provides.

 In the realm of traditional courtship the man pursues, protects and provides.  The woman reciprocates with Proverbs 31 characteristics. 1)       He pursues; she responds with equal warmth and encouragement.2)       He protects physically (war or shelter); She protects his reputation3)       He provides the income; she provides nourishment through her stewardship of that incomeHe provides home; she provides hearthHe pursues with zeal; she pursues with nurtureHe protects physically, she protects influentially

In a changing world of equality and role reversal; financial reversal or illness she may be the one who earns income and he may be Mr. Mom or a househusband.  It may fall her lot to war and shelter and his to nurture, encourage, and steward; but, always there must be reciprocal pursuit, protection and provision.

Today I Became a Queen

Yes as a symbol of my advancing (ahem) years and maturity, and in an effort to gather like minded friends about me for walks, book discussions, writing inspiration, and general yakking and philosophizing, I founded my own Red Hat Society Chapter, “Purple Mountain Majesty’s Little Red Writing “Hood.”  My title, of course, is Her Purple Mountain Majesty I, and I look forward to adding Majesties II, III, IV and up to my list of walking, talking, reading, and writing buddies. Our ‘Hood will meet as often as possible to hike and write and read what we have written and talk about what we have read and wear what we have red (and purple).

Lack of Pictures

As you may have noticed, it has been awhile since I posted pictures. I know; even the newspapers know; that a story just falls flat without pictures.  Well, I have added some to my flickr sight, but I have been unable to blog them. I am waiting for instructions from tech support.

I consider myself a writer

I Write and I consider myself a writer; but apparently publishers do not consider one a writer unless one has been published.  This is very much like trying to get a job with no job experience.  So, I have been published.  My writing has even been in print for pay via the local newspaper.  Yet the agents and publishers are looking for, “established writers.” Last fall I followed my heart.  I self-published, in galley or draft form, a children’s book I began working on 10 years ago.  I sent copies to my mentors, close friends, and key family members.  The response was over-whelming!  My daughter and my husband loved the book; and I even sold two additional copies!  I have moved closer to yet another item on my “Ten Things I Want to Do Before I Die” list. Although, The Pancake Cat, is chock full true experiences and cultural fact; writing books for children was never my goal.  My aim is to write relational fiction for adults; good, interesting, page-turning, novels where the reader can get inside the character’s head, heart, and culture, and experience personal epiphany through the life of the fictional character. My conviction is that well written fiction is much more life changing than non-fiction or how to books.   The August issue of “O” magazine carried a most inspirational feature on writers and writing. I have followed the advice of Walter Mosley in his article, “This Year You Write Your Novel.” I have begun a daily practice of rising early and going straight to my computer, rereading and hammering out a chapter or two on my current work in progress, “The Bed; or, Things an Anthology of my Life. At my current pace, I just might finish in two years!I Write