Finally, the relentless wind;

Became a lover and a friend,

And I enjoyed a deeply spiritual walk last eventide.

And now, my thoughts turn, unschooled, unbidden;

Toward newer ports of call and charts unknown;

My future, hidden.

Yet, serene, I bask, a smile lurks on my face;

As I pursue the turning round the nearing corner.

Cherry, May, 2010


Walk at dusk,

Snowy owl;

Hooting toward the perch

of friend or mate,

Flew across my path

And lit on small gazebo

Making wide the silhouette of weather vane.

There it sat, cooing softly,

So sounding like a dove it made me look again

Ears feline atop plump body, avian

Cherry, Spring, 2010

I love cats, and it seems,
To me they also have affinity.
Although I sneeze and rub my eyes,
And cry and sneeze some more;
And learn to avoid the soft,
The very sleek, feline fur ball.

I walked today while sun did rise,
And spied a long-haired tiger cat,
And by its size,
I was belied,
To believe it older than its age.

It looked at me, and I at he,
Keenly in the eye.
Then gently, I passed by;
But failed to see or realize,
That from my pocket and my keys,
The lanyard dangled merrily.

July16, 2010 from the journal of Cherry Odelberg

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