China Trip 2005

Originally uploaded by ein feisty Berg.Since my major love in life is raising young musicians; it follows that my children are very important to me. (Or is that; since my children are very important to me: I love raising young musicians?) My youngest, Philip, spent 4 years in the nationally acclaimed Colorado Children’s Chorale, before aging out at 14 years, 5 months – at the end of eighth grade. The crowning finale of his year’s in National Tour Choir was the China tour.

“This is my family, they are a part of me, they make me smile…” so go the lyrics to a moving song arranged for, and sung by, the chorale. Philip is family, he is a very real part of me. Opportunities (like chorale) for my family are why I work. They bring joy to me.

New Year’s Project

Hello everybody (me, myself, and I); and Merry Christmas!  I have finally begun a blog, 12 months after first intending to do so.  My Blog inspiration comes from DIL, Sarah (Sermon on the Mount of Laundry), and my son Kev, who first put me on to Sarah’s Blog.  I am now going to hibernate with the computer for the next week, consider me “Under Construction.”

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other, Hiking for Life!