And Did I Slow Down?

(Post was actually written the first week of March and post did not publish) 

I have been absent.  Did I slow down?  No.  For awhile I had a good deal of inspiration and could not get to the computer.  Then even the creative was sapped through daily toil.  In addition, pictures I had hoped to post could not be found, so I spent a number of hours going through my shoe boxes.  Do not go away, dear reader (s); I shall return in a burst of time and creativity some day hence.

It’s OK to slow down ….

I bought a box of white-chocolate fortune cookies in the clearance cart of the floral department of our local Safeway yesterday. Ummm.  We have luxuriated in nibbling them, both with hot tea or coffee and without.  I particularly have savored the fortunes enclosed.  This morning my cookie said, “It’s OK to slow down and smell the roses.” OK.  But, how?  How can one slow down? Particularly in light of achieving the fortune I opened yesterday, “In your old age, you will enjoy comfort and material prosperity.”  I’m old.  I’m old.  Bring it on.

These Gloves were made for losing…

These gloves wre made for losing….or am I just totally irresponsible when it comes to pairs of gloves (or earrings).  Gloves are extremely important to me.  I love my hands.  I take good care of them.  They make sweet music at the keyboard; but I digress.  I particularly like leather gloves; problem is, black is best and black has a way of disappearing in the recesses of my black purse.  I have lost complete pairs of black leather gloves at the gas station in Chicago, at churches, at school, and most recently at a Christmas concert.  I buy tons of gloves, the 2 for $1.50 stretchy kind are great for back – up and for loaning and for tucking in the pocket of every coat and jacket and every backpack. After using my water proof, double layer ski gloves for 5 winters (and not losing one) I finally invested in a pair of nice WARM and Professional looking suade gloves in October.  Now these gloves not only looked great, they were fur lined and had knit gussets all around and a cuff.  They were extremely comforting and comfortable.  I got them at nearly half price at Kohl’s and I wore them through the first days of extreme cold here in the Colorado mountains.  My fingers did not go numb driving in to work.  I praised them, I flaunted them, I wore them to the Christmas concert; tucked them under my arm while receiving a program and then sat in the bleachers for an hour.  Entering the night air at 8,000 feet afterward was a sharp reminder.  I caught the janitor turning out the lights, we searched the gym.  We looked under the bleachers to no avail.  A mere month of use and my gloves were gone!  I am still sad.  Even sadder now as I drive to work in my miss matched pair ( one stretchy and one ski glove); because, yes, I lost a single the other day.  Maybe I should take up baseball again – afterall you only need one glove.

There’s No Business Like Show business!

Oops! Wrong musical; but given there is still 2 feet of ice and snow on the ground and we have just come through several days of zero temperatures, it hardly seems appropriate to title this, “June is Bustin’ Out All Over!”  Last year at this time the four family members in this cabin were deep in rehearsals for the CCU production of Carousel.  I played the part of Mrs. Mullin, the female villan.  Doug was the fatherly Dr. Seldon, the Starkeeper, a carnival barker, and a clam digger (shortage of men, you know); Andrea tripled as a carnival gymnast and swordsman, the eldest Snow daughter, and chorus member; Philip acted the part of Enoch Snow Jr., carnival juggling midget and swordsman, Orin Peasley at the clambake and danced with the leading ladies as needed.  It is abundantly clear by now that this family loves music, microphones, studios, and stages.  If you are stage struck, just click on this picture and it will take you to an 18 photo sampling of the musical Carousel (as performed at CCU).

Fire and Ice

The Backdoor

Originally uploaded by ein feisty Berg.

Hello, come in. Please wipe your feet and stomp your feet twice. Doug’s shoes and boots have bigger treads than mine or those of the kids. Consequently when he brings in firewood and tends the fires we end up with lots of little cookie cutter snowflake patterned clumps of snow on the satillo kitchen floor, the parquet sitting room floor, and the area around the stone hearth. Today I was in a hurry to remove the snow before it melted into ice water and mud; so I grabbed the brass handled fire place shovel and went to work. Andrea commented, “They should call it a fire and ice shovel.” True. It is the season of FIRE and ICE. And messy floors. Sure a crackling fireplace is cozy and romantic; but, have you ever seen all the bark chips that litter the floor every time you stoke the fire?
Spring will eventually get here. Today it is snowing again.

I keep a pair of shoes in the car

Recently it has come to my attention that the definition of a girly girl has to do with how many purses and pairs of shoes one owns or acquires.  I keep a pair of shoes in my car 365 days a year; so, what does that make me?  A girly grandma? Or just an aging boy scout of the female variety?  Probably the boy scout.

  • My pair of shoes in the car fall in the same category as the measuring tape in my purse

  • the sleeping bag in the hatch of my Alpine Subaru

  • the bottled water and crackers in the trunk; the dog leash in the storage container with the jumper cables and windshield washer fluid

  • grab-and-go hiking first aid pack.  I live in the mountains.  I must be prepared. For the last five years I have carried my hiking boots in the car six months of the year and then traded them for my waterproof duck boots in the summer when I am more apt to need the leather boots for hiking and walking each day.  Keeping a pair of weather worthy boots in the car is as essential as having a cell phone.

This year the habit has changed drastically.  I still keep a pair of shoes in the car, but they are dress shoes. I really like my dress shoes and my dress boots.  They match my new purse perfectly. I also enjoy the warmth and security of other boots. Because of all the snow we have accumulated at the cabin, it is impossible to get from the car to the door in anything but the snow boots and sometimes the addition of no-slip-grips. When I arrive at the professional city job each morning I shed my duck boots, peel off the boot socks and slip into my topstitched, 2 inch heeled, leather office mocs –or my black
Wellington boots with the cowboy shanks. After leaving the office at night I reverse the process before heading up the mountain.


On my lunch hour today I found an irresistible pair of grey patent leather open toes on the clearance rack. I’ll probably keep them in the car too.  Even in the summer it will be difficult to navigate from cabin to car in 4 inch wedges. Somebody needs to design a shoe rack that fits in my Subaru!  A good girly grandma is always prepared!

ABC About Me

Thanks to DIL, Sarah, at Sermon on the Mount of Laundry; I won’t have to wait for literary inspiration to post today.  She has tagged me for ABC About me.  Here goes:

A– Available or Married?  Available for what?  Driving taxi, cooking, dishes, housework, making music?  Yes, I am available for music.  Been married to the same guy for 19.5 years.  Maybe that explains my confusion with the question.

B–Best Friend?  Hmmm.  My daughter Andrea, my SIL Lisa.  I am available right now for a local bosom buddy, but you’ve got a lot to live up to.  Have had fantastic friends in the past: Sherry, Evelyn, Coni…

C–Cake or Pie?  Pie, cream pie.

D–Drink of choice? Apple Carmel Cider; Almond Sunset tea with soymilk; Cold spring water.

E–Essential Item? Money!  And right now, Yak Tracks (think snow chains for boots and dress shoes)

F–Favorite Color?  Black!  followed closely by Scarlet.

G–Gummy Bears or Worms?  Red Gummy Bears.

H–Hometown?  Anywhere in Colorado with mountains on one or more sides.

I–Indulgence?  White Chocolate to dip in my hot tea of choice.

J–January or February?  February

K–Kids and names?  Kev, Andrea, Philip

L–Life is incomplete without?  Music, Writing, Reading, something to look forward to (vision).

M–Marriage Date?  June 1987

N–Number of Siblings?  One little brother whom I look up to in more ways than one.

O–Oranges or Apples?  Apples

P–Phobias and Fears? “We have nothing to fear but fear itself,” and boy do I fear….not doing the right thing, being rejected…

Q– Favorite quote? “I have studied war….so that my children might study…art, music, poetry..” paraphrase of John Adams.

R–Reason to smile?  I have raised 3 creative, responsible, children. 

S–Season?  Fall and Spring

T–Tag Three People.  Qui, Pretending Sanity (she probably won’t take the tag, but you’ll be glad you visited her site!) and Phil or Andrea (you can respond in comments).

U–Unknown fact about me.  I have no desire to get up and go to work everyday; I just need the money and it brings me joy to provide nice things for myself and my family.

V–Vegetable you hate?  Canned spinach, brussels sprouts, anything slimy.

W–Worst habit?  Picking up after people angrily instead of having the patience to wait until they pick up after themselves.  (Used to be crunching ice but that took a heavy toll on the teeth).

X–Xylophone or Marimba? Marimba, of course.  I always favor wood.

Y–Your favorite food?  Chinese  or hot, homemade bread.

Z–Zodiac?  Well, I am a split personality Gemini, which might explain why I have two answers to every question.  But I don’t feel bound at all by the stars.  I may choose what or whom I allow to control my life.

Putting One Foot in Front of the Other, Hiking for Life!