Two wrongs don’t make a right

Two wrongs don’t make a right.  This is probably the deepest bit of wisdom I learned from a grandmother who was so full of religion and maxims I was convinced, if at first you don’t succeed, was a bible verse.

People, people, people, just because your president does something wrong; does it give you the right to disrespect or pray evil on him? Two wrongs don’t make a right. People who say you follow Christ, why are you stooping to that? Was it not your Christ who said, “Love your enemies, do good to those who persecute you”?

Yes.  Evil must be stopped. Is it not possible to do that through right and peaceful means; without glorying and gloating over the downfall of another human being?

People can and should be held to account, voted out of office, removed from position.  But this should be done without petty disrespect and jeering -Or breaking many laws just to uphold one law. Your cause may be right; but your actions are all wrong.  Let kindness, nay, let love govern your actions.   Only then will you remain untainted enough, undegraded enough to champion what is right.

So, before you forward another ridiculing, stigmatizing,  slanted, disrespectful post about your political enemy; question your motives.  Sure you are feeling mistreated and abused. Your sense of justice has been severely offended.  Are you feeling angry and mean? Out for revenge? Meanness does not fix the problem.  It only degrades you.  (It also causes me to hide your posts)

Triumph over evil is different than revenge on a person. Or worse, revenge on an innocent person. There are heinous things afoot these days. I cannot even begin to fathom the depth or darkness of the injustice. Choose forgiveness rather than revenge. Forgiveness does not mean acquiescence.  Speak out!  Use cogent language.

Rise to the occasion rather than lowering yourself to the occasion. Act like humans with a soul – not like mad menial beasts.

Work with all your might to eradicate evil – but remember, two wrongs don’t make a right.


Keep ahead of the melancholy

As the major holidays approach, may I take this opportunity to remind you:
Keep ahead of the pain.
Keep ahead of the hunger.
Keep ahead of the Melancholy.

When someone is recovering from a serious injury or surgery, doctors often tell them, “keep ahead of the pain.” If you wait until the pain is severe before you do something about it, no amount of medication can trick your nerves into over-looking or denying the grievous injury.

Those who are dieting are well advised to keep ahead of the hunger. Eat something nutritious and low calorie. Once you begin to feel hungry, you soon perceive yourself to be starving and it is easy to binge or gorge on the first food item you see, to be insatiable for the first aroma of savory food that wafts across your path.

So it is with melancholy. You have to keep ahead of the loneliness. Prepare yourself to enjoy the wonderful warm memories of holidays past, but fortify your emotions to carry you through the memories of holidays lost.

You will want to go back. Back to the good times as you remember them.
Then you will chafe and wail inside because you cannot go back. Ever. You can go only forward.

Have a carrot stick. Take a long walk in the great outdoors. If the sun is out, you go out too. Cultivate gratitude for where you are at this very moment. Surround yourself with safe friends or family as needed. Read happy books. Watch beguiling movies, enjoy jubilant music. Read happy books beside a full spectrum lamp.
The darkness falls. Keep ahead of the melancholy.

Memories of the Past

“Think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure.”  Elizabeth Bennet in Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice.

I have a friend who is expert at moving on.  Make that, moving on and succeeding.  If anyone wins at life she does. Dealt a series of unfortunate relationships, she is still able to plot and plan for the future and surface on top.  Is she always cheerful, effervescent?  Hardly.  Is she in robust physical and mental health? Negative.  But she is able to embrace – to acknowledge the good in her memories of past relationships.  That makes it possible for her to savor past good while moving forward into the unknown.  Part of this is due to a no nonsense course of forgiveness.  Instead of continuing mired down in failure, she yet has hope in mankind and man in particular.

For me, it is frequently dangerous to embrace the good memories.  I might slide down the slippery slope to my past. I am still stalled at the idea that forgiveness means overlooking or forgetting and going back to the way things were. I like to do things right.  I am mortified when I do something wrong.  I am a great fixer. I feel I need to begin again at the stage things began to go wrong. I am Don Quixotic in my need to right the un-rightable wrong; straighten all the crooked rugs of my wake; square everything up to perfection.

Over and over I need reminders: Move forward.  Onward.  Forgive.

Quit using your freedom as an opportunity to repeat the past. Or as biblical wisdom indicates; you are called to freedom!  How do you again return to the beggarly way you used to live?

To think only of the past as its remembrance gives you pleasure, is most certainly healing – maybe not reconciling. In my current WIP (work in progress) – my casual attempt to run alongside  NaNoWriMo – the main character is exploring the idea of forgiveness and moving forward.  How about you?  Do you wallow in the past?  Or do you think only of the past as the memory brings you pleasure?