The highlight of the trip?

She has always been attuned to the great outdoors; so I took her camping.

She likes concocting from scratch in cast iron griddles and wood-fired ovens; so we made fajitas over an open campfire.

She used to build little villages in tree trunks and wooded areas; so we spent one night sleeping in a tipi.

Her degree is in cultural anthropology; so we spent 48 hours roaming Hovenweep, Mesa Verde and Canyon of the Ancients.

She designs one-of-a-kind knit and crochet apparel; so we visited a museum featuring a hands on rug weaving exhibit.

She writes and draws. There was ample time and sunshine to sketch and journal at will.

We love to hike and explore; so we hiked in spring snow to view petroglyphs etched a thousand years ago.

As a young adult, she is often my best friend; so we had plenty of philosophical girl talk.

We even visited two candy stores and sampled treats.

And what was her highlight of the trip?

Hearing the whistle blow and watching as the coal-fired Durango Silverton narrow gauge train rushed out of town.




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