Belated for Father’s Day

Young Dad;

Seriously clad;                                                         

Riding a bike with a baby.

Baby asleep;

State of art seat;

Lulled by the sunshine and motion.

Responsible fun;

Naptime done;

Goals accomplished through memory making.

(Happy Father’s Day, 2011, Cherry Odelberg)

All Washed Up and Crabby

When I am feeling all washed up or crabby, there is nothing quite like a goodwalk by the water to clear my head and put my mind at peace.

A contemplative stroll, a bit of sand, a few feathered creatures; being out in nature cheers and revitalizes my spirits. No doubt, everything is unfolding as it should. There are other creatures in the world, going about their business, not thinking too much, just being what they are meant to be.

Water in motion has a calming effect, be the motion as small as the silent concentric circles in pools where the baby fish jump; or the thunder of waves driven before a storm at high tide.

I could, if I wanted to, walk right on into the water.  I could dive in and swim toward adventure, or I could collapse in despair and drown my sorrows. A little spontaneity can be a good thing. Either way, the cold would slap some sense into me fairly quickly. “Forget the cold,” I say as I continue to daydream.  For a few dollars and an hour of my time, I could take the ferry and glide across the water.

Or, I could just walk back home and write a story. Since I have choices, and I have made them, I no longer feel trapped.

It helps, too, if the clouds part and the sun comes out during my walk as it did today. My cousin scoffs.  He insists I should no more depend on the sun for my peace and tranquility than I should trust the stars for my future.  But what does he know, really?  Greater songwriters than I agree that sunshine makes you happy; can make you cry, looks lovely on the water; and, “Sunshine almost always makes me high.” – John Denver