Trust, Denial, and Isolation

The hard truth is; anyone is capable at any time of going off the deep end and becoming untrustworthy; disloyal.  I have tried so hard to trust.  I know I need to trust in order to enjoy friendship, or relationships of any sort, but something makes me skeptical, aloof.  I isolate myself in order to insulate and protect.  Then, I become desperate for relationships, and in my desperation, I deny, overlook, ignore the propensity for humans in general to commit serious glitches in dependability or trust. Blindly, I choose someone just to be close; to wrap a bandage, to suture up the loneliness-and it happens again.  The foundation, the rug, is jerked from under me.

This is why I need a Higher Power, an all knowing, all perfect, all Love, being to trust.  Communication with this Higher Power centers me, tunes me in to the rhythm of the Universe, shows me the highest in excellence and truth, and teaches me to trust myself so that I can weather the ups and downs of relationship with other humans.  With trust in a Higher Power, and trust in myself, I can stand steady and confident rather than be jerked about by the opinions and infidelities of others.