Whew! For some reason I am feeling relaxed, clear-headed, and centered again. Over the past several weeks I felt rather sad and prone to the slough of despond. My novel writing slowed to a crawl due to 1) teenagers in the house and on the computer; 2) finishing of the first draft of the novel and the drudgery of searching for an agent or publisher; 3) the general business of life and work; and, 4) the heat-don’t forget the heat. It is so hot here in the summer that I have to schedule my daily walk early in the morning or late at night. This upsets my writing and inspiration schedule. During the spring months I was in the habit of rising early, going straight to the computer, writing until I hit neck or wrist cramp or couldn’t turn the phrase the way I wanted it. Then I would go shower; return to the computer feeling inspired, usually with a wet-head and day clothes. The next time I needed a break I donned walking shoes to tread the neighborhood for an hour and returned to write for an additional two hours. When P got home from school each afternoon we ate a quick supper, pulled on our serving clothes and walked across the street to work a paid job. In May everything changed: the job, the two students at home in the morning, the heat that hampered the walks, schedule demands and pressures.

A is back at college now and P is at the high school. This makes little difference as I am now working weekdays. I miss my kids, I love my current job, but, both my writing and my psyche have suffered. This week I found a better solution. My writing group now meets only once a month, freeing up three out of four Mondays. Sweet Adelines meets once a week, so Tuesday is my music and girls night. I deleted my Wednesday night meeting, to devote that time to writing and individual spiritual renewal, I find time to walk Thursday through Sunday. The heat of summer has abated a tiny little bit. You know what? I am feeling a lot healthier mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically -Especially when I get enough sleep. Goodnight.


The Dames D’Plume

Admittedly, we are a rather eccentric, individualist group. Given that we all write fiction; that A writes Steam Punk and Heather is most modern in her themes, but loves the Renaissance; when you consider that Carrington is young and fun loving; and I am old and staid; is it any wonder that our meetings gravitate toward characters and themes in an attempt to spur each other on toward greater creativity, inspiration and encouragement? If you think us a bit weird; you haven’t seen anything yet. Buy our books and be transported into other worlds.