Eine Feisty Desert

In order to facilitate my writing and emotional health; I have removed from Eine feisty BERG to Eine Feisty DESERT.  Well why not? Edward Abby wrote Desert Solitaire and other books while cloistered in the road house at Pack Creek.  Ellen Meloy writes of her love affair with the desert in The Anthropology of Turquoise. But, why would I leave the Mountain?  Because of our acute financial and debt state; which forces sale of the cabin. I am quite content and undistracted here. I have an open, airy, light filled studio apartment in which to place my computer, piano, musical instruments, books, and precious and essential trivia. It is a convenient location for my college daughter to visit.  I am closer to grandbabies.  My son is successfully enrolled in a 5A school.

What more could a writer want?  Look for the answer in what I write.  Look for good things from my pen and plume.

Happy New Year!

May You Achieve a Substantial Percent of Your Goals and Dreams!
2007 has been a very GOOD year in many ways; despite lots of shake-ups.
I have succeeded musically this year: In the classroom, in the private studio, in the church and volunteer category, in encouraging my own offspring in their chosen musical endeavors.
I have succeeded in my writing goals in that I really did start the novel, and work on the novel as many days as not. I have changed drastically and dramatically; but my basic character, world view, and moral fiber has not altered course; it has strengthened. What has changed is what I know; what I have apprehended and am cognizant of; and, more importantly; what I DO, what action I take, with that knowledge. I am still Eine Feisty Berg; only more mighty and more feisty.
Ironically and providentially, my cognizance has increased through my writing as I get inside the characters and understand what they think and why they act as they do. I have gained tremendous insight in conversations with counselors, a couple of cousins, a dear SIL, other close family and friends, and great books.
May your new year be filled with courage; and resolve to do what you are called to do!