She’s Precious!

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She is tiny, dark haired, delicate; in short, she IS the embodiment of precious!

Besides being a trendy sounding, up and coming, girl’s name right now, some of you may recognize “Selah” as a Biblical term from Psalms. My translation calls it a “musical term of unknown meaning.” The music teacher in me is fine with that! My pastor and other scholars have said it means, “pause and ponder what you have just read.”

Little Pause and Ponder Musical Term’s full handle (although I perfer Handel) is: Selah Summer Ann. Her full name tells me an entire story. She is the one and only girl and will remain the youngest child. Here is the reason for my interpretation.

Drew’s middle name is Alan (maternal grandfather’s name).

Beau’s middle name is Bradley (paternal grandfather’s name).

Selah’s middle name is Summer Ann (name of maternal grandmother and middle name of paternal grandmother).

There you have it, Friends and Relatives, this little family is complete and I will pause and ponder this blessing of grandmotherhood for at least four more years while Andrea goes to college.

Dear Reader, may your tribe increase; and if your tribe is complete, may your completed tribe truly be a heritage from the Lord.

It was a very GOOD week!

Perhaps it had something to do with the sun, which I got a lot of, since I went camping with daughter Andrea, my Mom and Dad, and my brother and SIL, on Saturday and Sunday.

  Maybe it had to do with finally taking a destination train trip.  Oh, I’ve taken the train at Central City before, and the one in Moore Washington, and the Utah Heber Creeper; but, last Tuesday I boarded the train for a trip over the Continental Divide, through the beautiful Rockies and on Thursday I enjoyed the return trip as well.

Then again, I did a lot of riding (which I love) and no driving (which I hate).  I did a bit of shopping and was inspired to return home and create some “glorified denim,” which was in the neighborhood of $79.00 in the tourist towns and which I will edit and construct for around $20.00.

But, perhaps, just perhaps, it was a good week because I felt empowered; no longer at the mercy of those who manipulate, dictate, or insinuate for power.  I am too old not to notice such games and too self-aware to play along.

On Friday, June 29, 2007 I learned that my job of the past 15 months had not been funded for the fiscal year beginning Monday, July 2! I found this out after declining a different job at the same institution which would have paid more and offered benefits and a couple of stress producing features (extended driving, commuting, and quotas); and while in the process of interviewing for yet a third position.  I chose not to take the stressful job, packed my office decor and personal items, drove home and booked myself the train ticket.  I am 53 and it is OK for me to be decisive and to have a little break after 15 months of non-stop responsibility. It is also OK for me to be intentionally about the business of those 10 things I want to do before I die.

I spent Monday and Tuesday at college orientation with Andrea – this too feeds my spirit, because it is a joy to see the person she has become and to participate in her plans for education and a future.

I am home now–and job hunting, but still savoring the last few days.