The Band that Meets in My Basement

AR Band
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It is a hobby, it is something I want to do once, it is a goal to reach over and over; it is on the list of 10 things I want to do before I die.

I want to raise and launch healthy, well balanced kids; I have been about the business of raising young musicians since I began teaching piano at the age of 15.

I stood in the back and cheered when I first experienced the tour concert of my oldest in which he was lead vocalist and simultaneous master of drum kit. My heart was full and I remember responding to the anxious queries of other parents, “How can I not be FOR this? If I were 24 and single, that’s exactly what I would love to be doing!” That same son still works in media, making a living for his growing family while continuing to pursue his dreams. Last month my two youngest offspring and an additional band member of Accidental Revenge (the band that meets in my basement) made their way over the mountain to record in the state of the art studio of big brother. The result? A five song CD representing musical and writing talents of three teenagers, age 18 and under. For a sampling of the new brand of music, please click on the Accidental Revenge link to the left – and if its too loud, turn down your volume knob and remember what Kev said of the Bass player, “you should write a song called, ‘Way too nice to be a teenager.’”

May I, as an aging baby-boomer, never say “That’s too loud! I can’t understand the words,” as part of a widening generation gap. If I utter those phrases, let it be for the sake of polishing, honing, and marketing the very best and most commercial product possible from the heart of the emerging generation.