Congratulations, Andrea!

Photo by Kevin Decker

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One of my skills, hobbies, and intentional pursuits for the past few decades has been “getting people where they need to go,” whether in mom’s taxi or in career / life.
Congratulations, Andrea! You have reached a milestone; graduation from high school! Another deep passion of mine is raising young musicians. Pictured here are seven high school students who participate in a variety of ways in marching band. Three of them are also members of Accidental Revenge, a fledging rock band which meets and rehearses in my basement. Two of the three belong to me. The guitarist is the young man in black behind Andrea.

What’s the difference between a career and a hobby?

Ten things I want to do be fore I die…..hmmm….are these things I want to do ONCE before I die, or things I want to accomplish or attain as a goal before I die?  Are these hobbies, careers, or experiences? Do I want music to be my hobby, or my career?  Do I mean I want to play the piano every day; or just play it once, really well?  Do I want to hear just one standing ovation, or do I want applause every day?And the answer is…………….YES!

What I really meant to say was……….

Some have pointed out that I talked exclusively about myself in the Blogs titled, “10 things I want to do before I die.”  I began the series as a way of thinking through life, seeing how far I have come, and finding the common thread of dreams and motivation. What I meant to say was, “I did some things in unhealthy ways. I also did some things right.”  Let’s define those things, correct course, move forward into the future.”  I highly recommend this process to readers!